What we doEDG Consult services

EDG provides a broad range of services in relation to projects that are made of, or interact with the earth.

  • Engineering advice and geotechnical design, including analysis, reporting, drawings and specifications.  Where other design disciplines are required for a design package, we can subcontract those services to provide a full design scope.  Our design expertise covers:

    • Project feasibility and pre-tender assessments
    • Geological modelling and interpretation
    • Excavatability assessments for cuttings.
    • Geomaterial use
    • Earthworks specifications and embankment design
    • Soft soils
    • Tailings and water storage dams
    • Soil and rock cutting design
    • Excavations and slope stability
    • Risk assessment and risk management
    • Foundations
    • Temporary works and incorporation of temporary works into permanent works
  • Construction phase services observation, assessment, evaluation and monitoring.
  • Forensic investigations and expert opinion.
  • Geotechnical investigation and data collection, development and interpretation of geological and geotechnical models, to support our design and advice.

Where we do it

EDG is not constrained by borders and can work anywhere.  The experience of our staff extends to many overseas locations, including NZ, PNG, throughout Asia, the UK and North America.