Slope engineering

EDG’s slope engineering expertise ranges from design of new cut and fill slopes to the remediation and support of existing slopes. We are experts and soil and rock slope engineering.

Our approach to developing Engineering Geological Models underpins our slope engineering processes wherever for embankments, cut slopes or the remediation of existing slopes. It is critical to have a well developed understanding of the ground conditions, characteristics and variability to provide confidence in the required extents of foundation treatments and materials, slope geometries, drainage and to meet our client’s requirements.
We work with our clients to understand their drivers and requirements in the nomination of design requirements. For example, it is possible to adopt a range of batter slope geometries to achieve the same factor of safety, but external drivers such as earthworks volumes, project footprint, cost and time will directly impact which solution is adopted. We take the time to understand what’s important to our clients as part of the engineering design.
For typically nominated design requirements such as factor of safety, we will consider the approach to design life, geotechnical parameter selection, design groundwater levels and design scenarios to work towards optimised solutions. Where appropriate, we will also consider alternative design requirements such as Assessed Risk Levels, as was adopted as part of the remedial works carried out at Sarina Range under the disaster recovery framework.

We use many analytical engineering software packages such as Slide2, Slide3, Slope/W, Plaxis 2D and 3D, Rocfall, and various kinematic modelling packages for rock slopes to demonstrate the appropriateness our slope designs to the nominated requirements.

We have significant experience in designing support measures such as geofabrics, soil nails and rock bolts to allow steeper slopes to be adopted, where required, and have designed a wide range of facing systems for supported slopes for permanent and temporary applications. We routinely incorporate other support systems such as retaining walls into engineered slopes to improve stability or meet geometric requirements.

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