Tailings and water storage dam design

EDG’s has specialist experience, capability and expertise in the dam engineering field. With an increasing need to provide water storage to cope with population growth, and an importance on understanding and managing risk associated with tailings facilities in the mining industry, EDG offers a complete range of dam engineering services. From geotechnical site investigations to Engineering Geological Model development, our engineers and geologists are experts at site characterisation to support our client’s dam projects. We have the capability to deliver detailed site investigations for embankments, reservoirs and tailings deposits, including mapping, drilling, excavations and in situ testing.

We offer a full suite of geotechnical analysis and design services for dams and tailings deposits, including seepage and stability modelling, liquefaction and construction materials assessment. We have extensive experience in hazard identification and risk assessment, including failure modes assessment. We understand construction issues associated with dams and can be involved throughout the project to verify site conditions.

Our dam design and assessment team is led by Jo-Anne Perrett, Ian Shipway and Greg Hackney who have been involved in a wide range of dam engineering projects. We have been involved in the design and assessment of many dam projects including numerous mine tailings dams, Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams, Upper Yarra Dam, Corindi Dam, Emu Swamp Dam and several weir structure upgrades. Ian is also involved on expert review panels for several dam projects.

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