Ian Shipway

Senior Principal and Director

Ian Shipway is a Senior Principal and founding Director at EDG Consulting. He is a graduate of the University of Adelaide, a Registered Professional Engineer in Qld, a Chartered Professional Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers, Australia. His geotechnical experience spans more than 35 years with consultancies including Golder Associates and Coffey where he was a Senior Principal for his last seven years of service up to 2015. Ian’s technical work has required the practical application of soil and rock mechanics to a diverse range of projects within Australia, New Zealand, PNG and Asia. Ian’s past technical management roles range from Project Director to Technical Lead, and include projects such as the Port of Brisbane Motorway (1999 to 2001) Gateway Upgrade (2006 to 2007) and the Cunningham’s Gap Emergency Works (2010 to 2013). He is also currently active in technical committees with both Standards Australia and the International Standards Organisation.

Ian’s current practice is mainly focussed on civil infrastructure and mining infrastructure and comprises:

Ian has written or co-authored 13 technical papers and presentations on topics ranging from risk-based design to innovative delivery methods for civil infrastructure.

Notable projects Ian has had key roles in include:

Ian Shipway Publications

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