On behalf of Gold Coast City Council, iCubed Consulting carried out detailed design for a new pedestrian and bikeway bridge to replace an existing timber structure.  The new bridge was constructed over Flat Rock Creek within Kropp Park, Currumbin.  EDG were engaged by iCubed to carry out a detailed piled foundation design to support the proposed bridge.  

EDG interpreted available geotechnical investigation information and developed a geotechnical ground model for the site.  Pile analysis was carried out to assess pile settlements, deflections, and distributions of axial and shear forces and bending moment.  The analysis considered a geotechnical reduction factor in accordance with AS2159-2009 and considered interaction effects. 

EDG also assisted iCubed during the construction phase when the nominated pile toe levels were not achieved.  EDG visited site, assessed materials recovered during pile construction, and in conjunction iCubed assessed and approved an alternate foundation solution.  The bridge was opened to the public in October 2017.

Currumbin Pedestrian Bridge