NEXUS Infrastructure is currently constructing the 41km Toowoomba second range crossing (TSRC), which will allow heavy vehicle highway traffic to bypass Toowoomba. As part of the temporary works aspects of the construction, EDG was engaged by NEXUS to provide geotechnical design services for a 550,000m3 stockpile to be located adjacent to the TSRC alignment on the steep slopes below Toowoomba. EDG provided the following services:

  • Site investigation and geological mapping to provide a detailed ground model of the site. 
  • Slope stability assessment.
  • 3D modelling of stockpile. 
  • Provision of design drawings and specification. 
  • Construction support and observation. 

The stockpile was designed to accommodate multiple MRTS04 material classes whilst providing continuous availability of the different materials during construction of the TSRC earthworks. This was achieved through close working with NEXUS, careful consideration of incoming material volumes, 3D modelling and zoning of the stockpile. All completed, whilst maintaining stability through the life of the stockpile in the demanding terrain, known to contain multiple existing historical landslides and to suffer from severe rains.

Toowoomba Second Range Crossing – Temporary Works