Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) engaged EDG Consulting to provide geotechnical assessment and remedial design concepts for a boulder retaining wall located in Deception Bay, Qld.  The wall approximately 215m long and up to 3.2m in height and in poor condition. Our involvement in the project included:

Review of historical information relating to the walls original construction, and remedial works which were carried out on an adjacent section of the wall, which failed in late 200.


Visual tactile assessment of the walls geometry and comparison to locally recognised design and construction standards.

A qualitative risk assessment of the wall and reporting on any immediate actions which needed to be taken by the council.

A site investigation and development of typical sections of the wall.

An assessment of the wall’s overall stability under different conditions which were likely to develop over the life of the structure.

Reporting on the likely modes of failure, the conditions under which they may occur, and possible consequences associated with such failures.

Development of concept design solutions including a comparative assessment of the options in terms of time, cost, constructability, and impact to stakeholders.

Design options which were considered, included one or more of the below:

Reconstruction of the wall, and; 

Reinforcement of the existing structure using a rock fill buttress

Reinforcement of the existing structure using passive support elements such as soil nails and slope protection mesh.

Pomona Court Retaining Wall