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on Wednesday, 18 October 2017.

EDG has recently expanded its range of computer software to include Slide3 2017. Slide3 2017 is a 3-dimensional limit equilibrium slope stability program created by Rocscience that allows complex geology, anisotropic materials, three-dimensional loading and support to be analysed. For more complex models or scenarios, compromises need to be made to consider these issues in traditional 2D software.

We are finding that using 3D software can provide more realistic assessments for scenarios such as discrete plant loads than can be achieved using 2D models, which can have major implications on design outcomes. With appropriate checks using 2D and other methods, this tool is allowing us to produce more efficient designs, delivering cost savings to our clients.

Slide3 has already demonstrated its value on temporary works designs EDG is currently providing to Lendlease on the Kingsford Smith Drive project.